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钻石国际app下载: House Bill 1016—enacted in 1999 by the Texas Legislature—requires by law that state agency reports are to be made available in electronic format to members of the Texas Legislature. These reports should be placed on agency Web sites, as specified in the Legislative Council’s Electronic Format Recommendations document. Because of these recommendations, such required reports for Texas A&M University-Texarkana are provided below.

下面列出的是Adobe便携文档格式(PDF)的预算报告。如果你没有安装Adobe Acrobat Reader软件,请点击此链接 Adobe Acrobat Reader软件 下载并在计算机上安装它。这将使您能够查看和打印报告。

盲人和视力受损,点击此链接 土坯访问工具 下载一个工具,它可以让您阅读Adobe PDF格式的任何文件。它的PDF文档转换成简单的HTML或ASCII文本,可以再由许多合成HTML成听觉言语普通屏幕阅读程序读取。

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