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斯科特·诺顿是texamericas中心,非营利组织负责,为工业界和就业机会方面采取可在龙星陆军弹药厂和红河陆军军械库资源优势的执行董事/ CEO。

Scott attributes much of his success to the courses he took and things he learned while getting his Master’s degree at Texas A&M University-Texarkana. “There’s no way I could have gotten to where I am without the education I received there,” Norton said. “The classes I took in business, finance, and organizational management all opened up opportunities for me.”

He also believes that having the university in Texarkana helps when his organization is looking to convince businesses and factories to relocate here. “Companies look to see what kind of educational opportunities are in an area,” he added. “Having the Texas A&M brand in Texarkana is definitely a plus, especially for companies that hire engineers.”

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