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泰勒和taylar marler



泰勒和taylar marler are used to having things in common. They’re both from smaller-sized, east Texas towns. They are both graduates of Texas A&M University-Texarkana, where they both studied Electrical Engineering. They met while living in the same dormitory and now work for the same company as engineers.

Tyler hails from Emory Texas originally, and his wife Taylar is from Marshall. Taylar graduated from A&M-Texarkana in the spring of 2017, and Tyler graduated one year later. The two newly-graduated newlyweds now work for L3 Technologies Aerospace Systems Greenville, where he works as a systems engineer and she is an electrical hardware engineer.

Tyler believes the small class sizes at A&M Texarkana contributed greatly to his success as a student, saying “我认为我的教育的最好的部分是教师。小班意味着教师可以使每个学生个人的投资。”


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